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Our company 380B High latitude cold train DMH160 battery with the first successful completion work.
Aug 16,2016       From: Henan Xintaihang Power Source Co.Ltd.
In mid-August 2016, our customer of China Changchun Bus Co., Ltd have visited our company, inspection the design and development of the 380B High latitude cold train DMH160 batteries.

Assessor have a careful review on the relevant technical documents, production workshop and testing center After two days of inspection, our research and development system quality management capabilities, production and processing capacity has been recognized by the assessor.Our company completely finished the first smooth passage of inspection work.

Since 2014 , our company for the alpine region of the EMU emergency power of the special needs of the battery performance, organization and technical personnel and long-off plant for early technical exchanges, to proceed with the relevant performance research. The difficulty of the project for a short time, especially in the battery at -40 ℃ for a long time under the conditions of emergency load discharge performance requirements, and the first time the alpine region of the battery system design, for my company have a great challenge.

In the spirit of "market-oriented, customer-centric" thinking, my company's technical team meet the difficulties, Yang Zhong xiang which is director of the Technical Center arrange the technical colleagues ‘s work to carry out project development. From design review, process development, Detection of the final product portfolio, the development process every steps in strictly accordance with the design and development process. We strive to do best work have a higher technology development, Under the business sales department ‘s good cooperation High latitude cold train project has finally completed the inspection work.

After the first inspection of the battery pack has completed, Batteries can enter the delivery test running stage. The smooth implementation of the High latitude cold train project, indicates that my company has grow up a long-term supplier of the High latitude cold train system and based a solid establish and good for open our future market.