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Our company developed 20GNC25- (7) cadmium nickel battery successfully passed the design appraisal review
Oct 18,2016       From: Henan Xintaihang Power Source Co.Ltd.
In October 18, 2016, the design qualification review of the 20GNC25- (7) Cd Ni battery developed by our company was held in Beijing.the meeting was organized by the space equipment bureau and AVIC defense engineering department. 24 representatives from 11 relevant units attended the meeting.

In the meeting, our company gave a product development summary, quality analysis and standardization review report.The supporting unit made the battery performance conclusion.The flight unit made the test report. After a detailed discussion, inquiry,the review group thought 20GNC25- (7) Cd Ni battery has completed the development of technology, state freezing,meet the technical agreement requirements,no technical and quality problems occurred in the development process, the quality controlled, product drawings and document data completed.Finally the group made the conclusion of 20GNC25- (given 7) Cd Ni battery through the identification of design review.

Since March 2012, The company started Ni Cd battery 20GNC25- (7) development.

Under the support of the company leadership, the technical team together, the various departments actively cooperation,a series difficulties such as name change,index change,strict low temperature requirement etc. after 4 and a half years of technical research,we completed the project design identification test outline and 3 performance assessment work smoothly and made a a foundation for the design of identification.