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Railway Transit Application
Mar 13,2017       From: Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
Railway Transit is one of transportation means which has several characteristics of huge traffic volume, fast speed, high safety, punctuality, environmental-friendly, energy and space saving, and so on, including metro, light rail transit, rapid railway, maglev, tram, etc.Urban rail transit is a complex system with multi-specialty and multi-profession, which consists of rail routes, stations, vehicles, maintenance and overhaul base, substation, communication signals, command and control center, etc.

The pocket type and sintered type Nickel Cadmium battery manufactured by Henan Xintaihang Power Source Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of compact structure, low internal resistance, high reliability, high capacity, long service life, good performance under low temperature, quick charge by big current and excellent resistance to over-charge and over-discharge, which is widely used as emergency back-up power for railway and rolling stocks (crossing guards, lighting, signaling, communication and pantograph lifting). The supplementary power supply system for trains developed by Henan Xin taihang Power Source Co., Ltd. consists of rectifier transformator, battery pack and battery management system.

Supplementary power supply system for trains takes function of traction motor, which is the energy source of electric equipment of trains. The system not only guarantees passengers’ safety inside of the train, but also provides power supply for train environment maintenance, which is the indispensable to the operation of the train. When the train is on the normal power supply, this system will supply DC power supply of DC110/24V by rectifier transformator, as well as battery pack charging; when the normal power supply is broken off, the battery pack should provide power supply; battery management system can conduct real-time monitoring the voltage, current and capacity of the battery pack, control charge-discharge, supply temperature measurement, realize charging management, equivalent management and malfunction alarm & protection, which implement the reasonable allocation of energy and warranty the continuity of power supply.

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