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New Energy Storage Application
Mar 13,2017       From: Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
At present, with the development of economy, people's living standard has been improved gradually, but the environment of human work and life is becoming worse and worse. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and other environmental problems become increasingly serious. People's lives are facing great threat.

Among them, energy pollution is the biggest problem facing human society. The use of coal, oil and natural gas has created enormous wealth for human civilization, but it is a serious threat to the living environment of mankind in the future. Now people all over the world have been deeply aware of this problem, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection.Green travel, green energy, renewable energy are becoming more and more popular.

Our company is the China leading R & D and manufacturing enterprise in the new energy, renewable energy. Our company has been developing new energe greatly, through our leading battery technology.

In solar energy and home energy storage area,Our company have developed out VRLA battery,Nickel-Iron battery,LiFePO4 battery. In the field of new energy vehicles, we developed dynamic LiFePO4 battery.

Among them, Nickel Iron battery is my company's star products in the solar energe storage field.Our Nickel Iron battery have the properties of small internal resistance,long service life,resistant to overcharge and overdischarge,no pollution,green and environment friendly.In renewable solar battery market.Our Xintaihang brand Nickel Iron battery are very famous and welcome.Currently.Our Nickel Iron have export to Australia,Germany,America,South korea etc.

Application Projects
1. Tibet Ali Taer Qin solar storage power station
Location: Tibet
Time: 2014

2. China USTC advanced technology research institute 500kW Park Project
Location: Anhui City
Time: 2013