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Hydropower Station
Mar 13,2017       From: Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
Henan Xintaihang Power Source Co.Ltd. is a special base for R&D and producing storage battery in China.We participate in the 2016 Laos's KF796 hydropower station tender . Finally we win the rechargeable batteries competition Our Company are very support to developing countres Construction Our customer are speak highly of feedback . Xintaihang Ni-Cd battery owns the characteristics of high reliability, high specific energy, long service life, etc., which can keep excellent performance even in harsh environments and extremely hot or cold climates. Many aborad and domestic 's power system are choose Xintaihang brandname and widely applicable as stand-by power supply for substations all over the world.Xintaihang batteries products have exported to Europe ,America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

2016 Laos's KF796 hydropower station :

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