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Airplane Battery
Mar 13,2017       From: Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
Xintaihang is the qualified Parts Manufacturer (PMA) approved by Southern Airlines, Air China, Civil Aviation Administration of China. Xintaihang aircraft rechargeable battery and airborne power system have the characteristics of high specific power, high specific energy, low internal resistance, long service life, strong mechanical property, wide operation ambient temperature range and excellent performance under large discharge current, light weight, compact volume and high reliability, which is widely applicable as emergency starting power and communication DC standby power supply for civil aviation and defensive aircraft.

Thanks to our professional technical team, Xintaihang Battery can develop and manufacture various series of Ni-Cad, Silver-Zinc and lithium-Iron rechargeable batteries, airborne power systems, ground communication power systems and other power solutions according to specific requirements, meanwhile can supply technology after-sales service, such as maintenance. middle east, sourtheast Asia purchase our batteries for their military use .