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AGV Application
Mar 13,2017       From: Sanjin Charcoal Machinery Factory
Our company are specializing in the production of AGV battery. AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle)which means "automatic guided vehicles" is equipped with a automatic guided electromagnetic or optical device. it can travel along the guide path specified with security protection and all kinds of transfer function.It belong to the AGV wheeled mobile robot (WMR -- Wheeled Mobile Robot category).

AGV is an industrial truck carrier which are using especially in heavy industry, large capacity, long time, the use of harsh conditions. So they require their battery with special performances.

Our AGV Nickel Cadmium batteries are using military technology. they has the properties of rigid construction,excellent discharge performance,resistant to overcharge and overdischarge,low self-discharge,high reliability and easy maintenance,wide operating temperature etc.they are widely used in military,railway vehicle field.Our AGV battery make your AGV viehcle with large work power,high reliability,easy maintenance,low economic cost etc.Our Nicad batteries are widely used in AGV viehcles in China and worldwide.they are very welcome by AGV viehcle customers.